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STEAM Quest Kits

Leprechaun Trap Workshop

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Can you catch a Leprechaun? 

Join us in this epic Quest to engineer a trap to catch the tricky Leprechaun!  After a short story time, children will be issued the challenge to create a trap that catches a Leprechaun. They will have access to a variety of recycled objects and craft materials to design, engineer, and build their trap. Leprechauns' love rainbows, green, and GOLD,  and our materials will include these three items. Check out the pictures from previous years. 

An envelope labeled: Grown-Ups Only will be included, in this envelope you will find a note from the Leprechaun and some goodies for your child/children. 

Held at Bel Air Sports Cards in their Event Room: 1401 Conowingo Rd Unit C, Bel Air, Md, 21014




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